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Agoria and the OPC Foundation are organizing a seminar in Antwerp, Belgium showcasing recent technical developements of OPC UA, including presentations of concrete realizations with OPC UA. There will also be a more in depth look of the OPC UA as a communication standard within Industry 4.0 developments.

Reniver will also be present for networking and is excited about having an OPC UA event right here in Belgium.

The seminar will take place the 15th of October 2015. For more information and registration visit:


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Prosys OPC has published a case study about using their OPC UA client and server SDK to build a flexible automation system. This case study is written by Reniver's founder (still working for the University of Antwerp). The Prosys OPC UA SDK was used in this project to write a smart software component that coordinates several PLC's as well as an Android-based recipe designer.

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OPC Day Europe (15/16.05) hosted by Yokogawa was visited by 150 attendees from all across the world. The OPC Day Europe is a high profile international event where Europe's leading OPC UA experts come to present the newest features, success stories and roadmaps.

As an employee of the University of Antwerp, SmarT&R's founder went to Amersfoort to show of a demo for flexible automation using OPC UA.

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  • Reniver is an engineering company founded in 2012 by Maarten Reekmans.

    Reniver's core competences are software design, software development and industrial automation. You can hire Reniver to provide consulting or design and develop software.

    Reniver also offers technical trainings for engineers and technical personel improving their skillset and problem solving skills.

    Interrested? Look at my recent C.V.

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